2019 iPhone X Models



As we’re well into august, you’ve probably heard some leaks and rumors regarding the newest iPhones. And yes, around this time every year our confidence level rises as we figure that the phones should be in production. 

This is a year that is no different than any other except that this year may show us three different sizes of the newest model. The same sources that were able to identify last year’s designs were able to replicate that process for the month to come.

iPhone XE

keep in mind that we are still unsure of the actual name of these devices and do not bear responsibility for them.  Let’s go ahead and take a drive into what we’ve seen thus far.

To begin, of course we shall be getting an updated version to what we are most familiar with in the iPhone X. This model should have some very intricate and updated specs that come at the same price point as last year. It was rumored that we’ll get three colors to choose from time time around (black, white and gold). 

iPhone X

Next, a massive version of the the current X is the iPhone X “plus” featuring a 6.5 inch display. As far as colors, we imagine that it too will come in white, black, and gold. It’s hard to say exactly the price point of which the plus will start at but if we take a look at past phones, we are thinking around the $1999.99 range. Of course not everyone likes the idea of a bigger phone/bigger display and certainly can not imagine paying that much for it but for those who do enjoy this luxury, it should exceptional. 

Moving along, we have a device that is somewhat in between the two mentioned above that most are calling the “iPhone 10 light”. The display of this model is the biggest difference between the three as it features a 6.1 inch LCD display. If you take a deep look into LCD displays against OLED’s, generally they’re not as good. But Apple has been able to produce some of the best LED displays we’ve seen thus far, so to the common eye it may not be so noticable. The color choices are set to be expandable and the price point will be lower as expected. 

Face ID will continue on as the first generation of it will be included in the iPhone “light” and the updated second generation of face ID will be placed into the revamped iPhone X and new X Plus. 

More information to come as we make our way into the glorious september month up until we’re finally able to see the final models of the 2019 iPhone. Thanks for checking in and we look forwards to see what’s in store!

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