At Wireless Buybacks we are driven by taking care of our  customers. We understand that enterprise customers need a reliable partner that can implement speedy, secure, and easy to execute reverse logistics programs. Our process ensures that assets are individually inspected, tracked, and secured in our high security environment. All of the products we handle are compliant with data sanitization standards prior to being redistributed or resold. Wireless Buybacks captures pricing trends and functional failure data that can help our customers get the most out of their technology products. 

Wireless Buybacks will customize a program to fit your needs. Many of our customers like to have WBB arrange pickup and delivery of products to save time and expense. Some want to pre - disposition how assets are re-used, and distributed, and some want reporting of repair and product sanitization for liquidation. Whether we design a program with all, or some of these capabilities, Wireless Buybacks will always work hard to gain and keep your long term loyalty.    
Our enterprise customers expect the best ROI on their assets. At Wireless Buybacks, we offer several sustainable options for re-use and re-distribution of product. Our customers like to have options that match their priorities. At Wireless Buybacks, we can purchase large or small volumes of inventory directly and arrange speedy pickup. We manage several direct to consumer and direct to business channels for re-sale which allows us to capture the highest secondary market value for your products. Some or our enterprise customers prefer to have WBB restore their products for re-use and redistribution within their organization. Whether you are looking to sell or restore your inventory, Wireless Buybacks would like an opportunity to earn your business. 
Wireless Buybacks
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